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Helen Mirren
No to drilling oil in Salento


In a brief video statement, granted exclusively to Bridge Puglia USA, the Oscar award-winning actress and her husband, director Taylor Hackford, who have fallen in love with Salento, where they spend long periods of the year, thunder in protest at the possibility of drilling oil off the coast

Celeste Casciaro
Life in the Winspeare household
 - by Flavia Pankiewicz
Bruno Ciccarese Gorgoni
Mayor of Cavallino
“Bet on culture, a winning choice”
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Cosimo Durante
Preview of what’s new at “Città del Libro” 2017
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Franco Ungaro “The theater, a form of resistance to the loss of values”  - by Dino Levante Christian Cordella
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Antonio Monda
L’indegno: when love puts faith to the test
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Michele Emiliano
Chairman of Puglia Region
“Puglia attractive thanks to its Mediterranean harmony”
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 - by Peppino Ciraci
Sean Hepburn Ferrer
“My mother Audrey? A perfect set of imperfections”
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Vincenzo Zara
President of the University of Salento
“Being in the center of the Mediterranean favors the dialog between cultures”
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Edoardo Winspeare talks about his latest film
“Getting back to nature. Quiet bliss
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Loredana Capone
Councillor of Regional Economic Development for Puglia
“Through internationalization exports become the engine of Puglia”
 - by Flavia Pankiewicz
Antonio Uricchio,
Bari University's Chancellor
“We will cast a bridge towards Italians abroad”
 - by Lino Patruno
Dileep Rao
The Avatar actor in Lecce
“Puglia is my second home”
 - by Awdie Coppola
Al Bano
“My America? My youngest son wowed by Disneyland”
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Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino
“America conquered by our pizzica
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Oscar Iarussi
Film Critic
“The spirit of America in the ‘on the road’ movies”
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Dario Stefàno
Councilor of Regional Food and Agricultural Resources for Puglia
Quality and typicalness of the “Prodotti di Puglia”
A successful challenge
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Christian Cordella
Costume-concept designer
From Lecce to Los Angeles
“My designs for Hollywood's great movies”
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Antonio Monda
“America does exist”
Flavia Pankiewicz, Lino Patruno and Raffaele Nigro converse with the author of L'America non esiste
 - by 
Doris Zaccone
Radio Capital host
“Lonely Planet and us seduced by Puglia”
 - by Flavia Pankiewicz
Roberto Cingolani
Scientific Director IIT
“Going beyond science fiction is our destiny”
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Anthony Julian Tamburri
Dean of the Calandra Italian American Institute
“Italian in America: from an ethnic language to a language of culture”.
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Raffaele Nigro
Literature today
“Puglia has produced great authors”
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Joseph Tusiani
The poet of two lands in a film
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Emanuele Arciuli
“From Bari to Santa Fe my music for Native Americans”
 - by Ugo Sbisà
Mario Desiati
“Literature is a life-saver”
 - by Flavia Pankiewicz
Maurizio Molinari
United States Correspondent for La Stampa
“The success of the Italians in New York: creativity and hard work”
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Oscar Iarussi
Chairman of the Apulia Film Commission
FRONTIERE in Bari with so much America
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Edoardo Winspeare
“I tell of my South to tell of the world”
 - by Flavia Pankiewicz
Paolo Perrone
Mayor of Lecce
“The winning card is our strong cultural identity”
 - by Flavia Pankiewicz
Giuseppe De Tomaso
Editor Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno
A bridge of freedom, memory and tourism linking Puglia and the US
 - by Flavia Pankiewicz