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Let’s Eat Italian
New York
Mercato Restaurant
The taste of burrata and tiella brings back memories of Puglia by Epicuro
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  Il Mercato is one of the latest restaurant opened by pugliesi (from Taranto) which continue the trend of including many traditional pugliese food in NYC. Burrata, now found on every type of restaurant across the US (is it time for a DOP?) becomes burratina here. Eating fave e cicorie, tiella, polpo e patate, friselline fritte, taralli – all have the power to lift feelings of a native pugliese to a point where nostalgia is triggered, enhancing the taste and the overall experience. Americans call it comfort food.

      It is amazing to see the proprietor actually seat, serve, help, converse and engage with their customers – the personal hospitality and the very reasonable prices more than make up for the cramped/crowded seating. This makes you aware you are in NY. The food... that you are in Puglia.


 352 west 39th street, New York, NY


4 bridges = exceptional • 3 bridges = very very good • 2 bridges = very good • 1 bridge = good • 0 bridges = not worth it

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