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Let’s Eat Italian
New York
La Masseria Restaurant
Pino Coladonato, chef from Mola, has brought authentic Apulian cooking to the heart of Manhattan by Epicuro
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New York. La Masseria

      One method to judge the authenticity of Italian restaurants in the US is to look for mispellings on the menu. You will not find any at this Theater District locale whose kitchen is headed by executive chef Pino Coladonato, born in Rutigliano, raised in Mola di Bari where his brother Nicola runs Ristorante Castello. Chef Pino's roots are easily found in his food: cucuzielli, melenzane del Gargano, schiaffoni della Domenica, orecchiette alla Bari vecchia, minchiarieddhi de farru, gamberoni Torre Saracena. Other than the fact that the gamberoni are frozen somewhere between fishing and the table, all of those Pugliese influenced dishes are among the best you will find in the U.S.

      Conveniently located (theater, Times Square & 42nd street), reasonably priced, an ambience that easily conjures an Italian farm house (more so for uninformed diners than for Italians) and a surprisingly informed wait staff, even if only a few are Italian speaking, explains why the restaurant is very popular and accomodating, unlike many others in the same area. It also explains why Epicuro travels for nearly an hour to dine here.


235 W 48th street, New York, NY


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