- FEBRUARY 2018 -

From the magic roofs of the Apulian trulli

to the silvery tips of the American skyscrapers

From the villages huddling on the rocks gazing to a turquoise sea

to the majestic canyons of the pioneering West

We tell you of sun-baked Apulia

and the America of myth

My Salento by Maria Felicita Cordella
Leave-takingby Flavia Pankiewicz
Eugenio Barba
<br>On Life and Theatrical Thought and Practice
Eugenio Barba
On Life and Theatrical Thought and Practice

by Franco Ungaro
The experience of Barba’s Odin Teatret is at the center of two recently published volumes.
Franco Ungaro, fine connoisseur of the great maestro’s thought and theater, traces a lucid analysis of what remains of an extraordinary and unique cultural experience
Not even love transforms the Stock Exchange of destinies
Not even love transforms the Stock Exchange of destinies
by Sergio D’Amaro
The novel by the economist Vito Spada, L’amore infelice, presents the contrast between living in New York and returning to Lecce, amidst slow rhythms and paralysis.
A story of personal crisis against a backdrop of the epochal economic crisis of the last ten years.
And love that breaks out oblivious to any rational design
And the dream of conquest turned into a mirage of the desert
And the dream of conquest turned into a mirage of the desert
by Michele Presutto
Among the old family photos, turned yellow by the passing time, a man in colonial uniform in the Libyan desert. The war, the combat, the massacres. And above all the desert.
In Sergio D’Amaro’s latest novel, Il grande ghibli, the desert is a metaphor for life
Behind the scenes of <i>It</i> and <i>Thor: Ragnarok</i>
Behind the scenes of It and Thor: Ragnarok
by Giovanni De Benedictis
A conversation with Christian Cordella, Apulian costume illustrator living in Los Angeles, who created the costumes for the two cult movies.
“For Pennywise in It I made 123 sketches”
Italian-American writers on parade
Italian-American writers on parade
It happened in New York, where for the 73rd Columbus Day Barnes & Noble, the famous chain of US bookshops, invited Italian-American writers to take part in the parade to promote their books.
The Barese-American writer, Annie Lanzillotto, tells why she was enthusiastic about marching
<i>Nine</i> decades for Mario Fratti
Nine decades for Mario Fratti
by Maria Lisella
The volcanic playwright from L’Aquila, resident of New York since the early Sixties, turns 90
He has over 90 works to his name, including the pluri-award-winning musical, Nine, played by Raul Julia in 1982 and by Antonio Banderas in 2003
Gravina di Laterza
<br>The Arizona of Puglia
Gravina di Laterza
The Arizona of Puglia

by Antonio Sigismondi
The magnificent, wild Gravina di Laterza is part of the Terra delle Gravine regional natural park and contains flora and fauna of enormous scientific significance.
The earliest human settlements in the area date back to 2000 B.C. and the urban center of Laterza, lying on the edge of the gorge, to around the year 1000
Wives and oxen…
Wives and oxen…
by Alberto Sobrero
Chi ce nzore nte la stréde
véve a buqquire
Chi ce nzore fore stréde
véve allu vuquele,
Chi ce nzore fore paése
véve a ffiasche

Those who marry within the neighborhood
drink wine from a glass
[which is transparent]
Those who marry someone from another district
drink from a tankard
[which is almost completely closed, so very little can be seen; one marries in obscurity]
Those who marry out of town
drink from the flask [which is completely closed, nothing can be seen, one marries in the dark]
Flour gnocchi with <i>scrum</i>
Flour gnocchi with scrum
by Dario Ersetti
An elegant meatless recipe from Bari to make the menu on the eve of feast-days more original and interesting