- MAY 2017 -

From the magic roofs of the Apulian trulli

to the silvery tips of the American skyscrapers

From the villages huddling on the rocks gazing to a turquoise sea

to the majestic canyons of the pioneering West

We tell you of sun-baked Apulia

and the America of myth

Greetings from Castro by Lino Angiuli
Journey through the gardens of Italy
Journey through the gardens of Italy

A new Touring Club publication, L’Italia dei giardini, with pictures and authoritative texts, tells the story of over 300 flower-filled paradises.
The section devoted to Puglia is particularly lavish, covering gardens from the Baroque age to those of the 1900s
When poetry investigates “time”
When poetry investigates “time”
by Sergio D’Amaro
In the collection of poems by Apulian Enrico Fraccacreta the comparison between Time with a capital “t” and that of his personal experience. In the wake of T. S. Eliot
Amidst the storms of life it’s the strength of a loving heart that wins
Amidst the storms of life it’s the strength of a loving heart that wins
by Antonio Fuso
A story of economic and relationship difficulties and how they are overcome in this novel by Salvatore Guglielmino …ed il “sole” è risorto trionfante (published by Albatros).
The counterpointing of North and South and Jews and Christians against the background of the story of Calisto and Adalgise and their eight children
Mario Pace
<br>From Gravina in Puglia to Hollywood
<br>When the American dream speaks Apulian
Mario Pace
From Gravina in Puglia to Hollywood
When the American dream speaks Apulian

by Giovanni De Benedictis
Matte painter and environment & texture artist, he has worked on the making of the film The Jungle Book, which has won the Oscar for visual effects.
“I’m happy to be a man between two worlds because I appreciate both Italian and American culture”
<br>The magnificent Mexican rodeo at Longmont
The magnificent Mexican rodeo at Longmont

Lauren Berley, in this extraordinary photographic report, captures feats and details that make every image an icon.
Rodeos first started in Spain and Mexico to test the skill of the vaqueros in rounding up cows and it arrived only later in the United States.
The Mexican rodeo at Longmont, in the state of Colorado, is a splendid example of equestrian skills and Mexican folklore on US soil, following a shared tradition and passion.
No wall erected by politicians will ever be able to separate those who love the arts of horsemanship
Around Bari
<br>Visions of breathtaking little towns
Around Bari
Visions of breathtaking little towns

A photographic report by Nicola Amato on the towns in the Bari area.
Conversano, Giovinazzo, Locorotondo, Molfetta, Monopoli, Polignano a Mare and Bari lighthouse in the twilight. A series of evocative images that capture unusual perspectives on some of the most beautiful towns in Puglia
<i>Simulata</i> with mussels
Simulata with mussels
by Dario Ersetti
A delicious dish in which the delicate taste of semola combines with the intensity of the mussels flavored with garlic and oil.
There are numerous variations
Goat Woman
<br>From the Middle Ages to Sgarbi
Goat Woman
From the Middle Ages to Sgarbi

by Alberto Sobrero
Fémmene e ccrépe
Tènene una chépe

[Women and goats
Have the same head]