- SEPTEMBER 2017 -

From the magic roofs of the Apulian trulli

to the silvery tips of the American skyscrapers

From the villages huddling on the rocks gazing to a turquoise sea

to the majestic canyons of the pioneering West

We tell you of sun-baked Apulia

and the America of myth

Mark Bradford and Wade Guyton
<br>Million dollar American art that’s taking Italy by storm
Mark Bradford and Wade Guyton
Million dollar American art that’s taking Italy by storm

by Pietro Marino
A-list American artists on show at the Venice Biennale (Bradford) and at the MADRE in Naples (Guyton).
From collages to digital art, social commitment and perfect adherence to the contemporary spirit
Joseph’s Gargano
Joseph’s Gargano

In a book from Schena, Antonio Motta’s long interview with the Italian-American poet, writer and Latin scholar Joseph Tusiani
The tragedy of Mattmark
<br>A book so as not to forget
The tragedy of Mattmark
A book so as not to forget

by Sergio D’Amaro
In 1965, in Switzerland, 88 workers, mainly Italian emigrants, lost their lives due to an avalanche of ice while they were building a dam. A touching essay by scholar Toni Riccardi, from the University of Geneva, reconstructs the story
<i>Nine</i> decades for Mario Fratti
Nine decades for Mario Fratti
by Maria Lisella
The volcanic playwright from L’Aquila, resident of New York since the early Sixties, turns 90
He has over 90 works to his name, including the pluri-award-winning musical, Nine, played by Raul Julia in 1982 and by Antonio Banderas in 2003
Santa Fe, Taos, Abiquiù
<br>On the road in the heart of America’s deserts
Santa Fe, Taos, Abiquiù
On the road in the heart of America’s deserts

21 shots by Lauren Berley to recount the silence, the immense spaces, the signs of life and the creativity of artists along the wild tracks of New Mexico
Capràrica di Lecce
<br>The atmosphere of Salento as it once was
Capràrica di Lecce
The atmosphere of Salento as it once was

The old center with its court-yard houses, the Baronial mansion, the picturesque route through the Serra and the Kalos Archeodrome are among the attractions of this charming little town in the Salentine hinterland
Milot’s Keys in Lizzanello
<br>Human rights, rights for all
Milot’s Keys in Lizzanello
Human rights, rights for all

by Francesca Pastore
The installations by the Italian-Albanian artist Alfred Mirashi Milot in the little town a few miles from Lecce are part of a project that takes in performances, debates and teaching workshops
The <i>scapece</i> of Gallipoli
The scapece of Gallipoli
by Dario Ersetti
The history of this delicious product – small fish preserved in vinegar, saffron and grated breadcrumbs – found in the markets of Salento and elsewhere.
It is mainly produced in Gallipoli but Vasto, in Abruzzo, also has a special recipe